A sheepish hello

Do you know those friends you have who pop up in your life only when they need something?  That’s how I feel right now.  Lately there have been whispers in my head of “maybe you should blog again”.  I haven’t paid much attention to them but tonight while on a walk I realized I was narrating life in my head again – the kind of thing that led me to blog in the first place.

But I feel weird about writing after all this time.  I feel like it’s selfish of me to pop in and out of the blogosphere as I see fit.  Like I’m being a selfish friend.  I feel awkward that I checked out so abruptly, really for no major reason other than busy-ness, and now I expect to just stroll right back in and have people read.  There were a few people with whom I connected through my blog last year – I feel weird about my absence and what they might think of me for saying hello after all this time.

And no, I haven’t learned to take life less seriously since I last wrote.  🙂

I don’t know how much I will write, but I do know that I have missed my wordpress people.  I hope that you are all well!


8 thoughts on “A sheepish hello

  1. No need to feel sheepish! I think it is natural that there is an ebb and flow to these things. At least, I took a long time off too and I know others did as well. But we are still here. 🙂 I missed you and I’m glad to hear from you. xx

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  2. I am often rubbish at this blogging malarky, including remembering who I am being that day (profile wise). Happy/sad to see your post. Happy to hear from you again, but sad it’s because you’re having a rougher time of it.


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