Emotional Hangover

Yesterday I had what can best be described as an emotional hangover.  My post from Monday night was full of self-criticism and lack of self-compassion.  I went to bed that night feeling beaten up.

Then I woke up yesterday – a new day.  As I laid in bed and got my bearings on the day, the memories of the night before came creeping in.  In a matter of seconds, my mind scrambled to recall exactly what had happened, how my feelings had spiraled so quickly.  Add in some panic over what I had written in my post.  Then shame that I had said too much, sounded too pathetic, posted after bingeing on my feelings like a fool.

It was not unlike how I used to feel after a night with a few too many glasses of Cabernet. Except that I didn’t have the fun memories from before the Cabernet took over.

But, as I thought about it, I realized that what I had felt – and what I had written – was very real.  And maybe I shouldn’t be ashamed after all.  There’s always the fear of judgment but perhaps the person I most need to worry about judging me is myself.

So I shook off my hangover and tackled a new day.


6 thoughts on “Emotional Hangover

  1. Good plan. Nothing is ever as perfect as we imagine it should be. We are who we are, and shouldn’t be ashamed if, at times, it is a little less than perfect.


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